Adrian Villegas is the star and playwright of two popular, critically acclaimed one-man comedies "Six Mexicans Named Gonzalez" and "Barrio Daze", and the Artistic Director for the award-winning troupe The Latino Comedy Project.

Villegas' rollicking one-man shows deal with barrio life, racial politics, and pop culture-from a distinctly Latino point of view. Villegas' unique style of culturally relevant Latino comedy melds urban credibility and quick-change mimicry with a literate bilingual writing style, reflecting the rich but often-underrepresented diversity of the Latino experience in a way that is humorous, humane, and realistic. While heavily cultural, Villegas' confrontational social consciousness and broadly accessible humor has struck a chord with a diverse audience.

The Austin Chronicle called "Six Mexicans Named Gonzalez" "Amusing and enlightening… touching and hysterical…a whirlwind tour. Villegas is a joy to watch". The Dallas Morning News wrote, "'Barrio Daze' is a free-for-all of social satire, profane barbs at Anglos, and wicked self-mockery. The only answer is helpless laughter. Mr. Villegas' gift is in making we, the different people, laugh together." The Austin Chronicle wrote, "Performed with nothing less than brilliance…'Barrio Daze' is both absurdly funny and dead-on insightful…A series of damn funny and poignant sketches…This is laugh-out-loud material. Adrian Villegas is truly a gem." Meanwhile, XL Ent. Weekly claimed that Villegas' work "rivals the [one-man] shows John Leguizamo has done".

Villegas' shows have played to packed audiences and critical acclaim at colleges, theatres and cultural arts venues across the country-- including performances at Chicago's Mexican-American Fine Arts Center Museum and Florida's Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center, two of the largest and most prestigious performance art venues in the nation. Villegas' work has also been nationally profiled in HISPANIC Magazine and National Public Radio.

In addition to his solo work, Villegas is also a writer, performer, and Artistic Director of The Latino Comedy Project (LCP), an award-winning sketch comedy ensemble sponsored by Austin, Texas' premier bilingual theatre company Teatro Humanidad. Since their 1998 debut, the LCP's fast-paced, highly polished style of irreverent socio-political/pop culture parody have become a comedy institution for Latino and mainstream audiences alike.

The Austin-American Statesman wrote of the LCP: "At times witty and clever, at times absurd and slapstick, the Latino Comedy Project produces an original mix of ribald and intelligent comedy. With perfect timing, sharp writing, and a whopping dose of animated goofiness, the Latino Comedy Project proved that bitingly original sketch comedy is alive and well and Latin." The San Francisco Chronicle called the LCP "hilarious" and "murderously funny."

In addition to its many original Austin productions, the LCP has performed at the Big Stinkin' International Comedy Festival, The Latino Laugh Fest, and has been featured at internationally renowned Sketch Fests in Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago, and Vancouver, British Columbia. Since 1999, the LCP has also continued its own wildly successful Annual Austin Latino Comedy Fiesta tradition, showcasing fresh and diverse Latino comedic talent for enthusiastic audiences of thousands.

As both a touring solo performer and Artistic Director for the Latino Comedy Project, Adrian Villegas strives to create work that entertains, bridges cultures, and taps into the hunger of under-served and under-represented Latino audiences.


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